Gigantik Apps for Large Scale Displays

Applications and games for big touch screens
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Gigantik is our technology for the production of customized software for touch screens and touchWall.

We develop applications and video games with touch technology based on Windows, MacOS and Android.

We design for you exciting touch-experiances ! We can create for you graphics, code, music. We do not use third-party software. Each application is written in native C# code to ensure stability, speed and extreme personalizations.
Each product will be subjected to a professional testing cycle, to avoid bugs and grant a perfect touch-experiance.

Perfect for:

- video medley
- storytelling
- station shopping experience
- real estate
- commercial catalogs
- architecture
- art
- videogames
- teaching
- exibitions
- virtual wardrobe


- no limit screen size
- mouse/tastiera/joypad support
- it runs from a USB pen drive, no installation needed
- support of Windows, MacOS, Android
- graphic management
- slide texts
- sound effects
- movie player
- 3D realtime
- 2D and 3D animations
- social networks support
- videogames
- chrono planned actions
- save local data
- save remote data
- SQlite